• Fort Lauderdale Townhouse.

    Fort Lauderdale Townhouse.

    Calacatta marble, teak wood veneer and stainless steel makes this kitchen different and functional

  • House in Golden Beach

    House in Golden Beach

    This house in Golden Beach, FL shows a creative way of using the microwave area.

  • Bristol Tower Apartment

    Bristol Tower Apartment

    This wonderful kitchen space was designed together with renowned designer Sam Robin

  • Key Biscayne Apartment

    Key Biscayne Apartment

    High gloss lacquer and walnut veneer makes this kitchen a good example of modernity with integration

  • Jerusalem Apartment

    Jerusalem Apartment

    This apartment at the Waldorf Astoria building in Jerusalem is the best example of sophistication

  • Golden Beach House

    Golden Beach House

    This unique kitchen with 2 islands integrated into the family room show the versatility we can achieve

  • Fisher Island Apartments

    Fisher Island Apartments

    Originally a U shaped oversized kitchen, we transformed this space into a 2 center island kitchen

  • Bay Habour House

    Bay Habour House

    Careful use of materials makes this kitchen modern yet warm and extremely functional