Lightness and emotion, natural feelings, functional irrationality: Pallucco breaks the traditional schemes through a way to the uniqueness in the design art.



A little wave that implies the handle. The shape is pure – not a technical component in sight.
The parallelepipeds are container furniture for the day, the night, the home office.
There are horizontal and vertical, wall or self-supporting containers.
They are all produced in MDF with 45° cutting and with the door in curved multiply.
The horizontal containers have a fall-front door equipped with a cable system and a gas piston.
The structure’s external finishes are white Ral 9010, aluminium or red RAL 3020, either mat or high gloss lacquer.
The panel inside the handle and the drawer fronts can be lacquered white RAL 9010 or dark blue (for the containers lacquered white).
The self-supporting structure with legs comes in two heights 230 and 430 mm and is in anodized aluminium.
On the inside, there can be lacquered shelves and central drawers in the same finish as the panel inside the handle.

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Continua is an adjustable wall-mounted bookcase. The continuous supporting framework and shelves gives life to a design that is simple and linear.

 The benefit of this Continua project is evident in the refined details of the bookshelf, shelf support and the vertical framework and storage unit with sliding doors, all in moulded aluminium with epoxy powder finishes in silver, white RAL 9010, light tone and red blackish Ral 3007.

Continua is offered in two versions: steel shelves lacquered with epoxy powders and shelves in oak stained wengé.


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Mirror Clothes-stand 

Mirror in Super Mirror’AISI 304 sheet stainless steel, backrest in steel painted with matt black-coloured epoxy powders, equipped with 3 clothes hooks. 

Mirror Bookcase 

Mirror in ‘Super Mirror’AISI 304 sheet stainless steel, backrest and shelves in steel painted with matt black-coloured epoxy powders. Equipped with 4 fixed shelves. 


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The Itaipu bookcase features a rhythmical succession of interchanging volumes and empty and filled spaces. Its three-dimensional arrangement establishes a hierarchy, bringing order to the chaos of books and different shaped objects. The elements, which act as bookends, alternate to create recessed and raised spaces to hold books and ornaments. Itaipu is named after the South American dam – a fascinating megastructure with a powerful architectural design.

The bookcase is made up of modular shelves (available in two lengths, 1000 mm and 1600 mm), which can be fitted horizontally and vertically as desired. The shelves are in high-density rigid structural polyurethane with a soft touch matt lacquered finish.

The surface is slightly embossed and the bookcase is available in white RAL 9010, black and aluminium grey. Each shelf is fitted with an adjustable bar and wall anchors to fit it to the wall.

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SlipinSleep is a futuristic bed: the headboard appears to be a continuation of the wall it rests against. Everything about the design is compact and the concealed legs add to the overall effect of lightness, almost creating the impression of floating in mid-air.

The impressive headboard is padded and can be upholstered in Kvadrat’s “Sudden” polyurethane fabric or leather.

The bed has two 25 mm thick milled MDF mattress supports with white melamine finish; the outside edge is padded and can be upholstered in the same fabric or leather as the headboard. The legs are also made of MDF and have a matt white (RAL 9010) or silver lacquer finish.

The upholstery is completely removable.
The Kvadrat “Sudden” fabric on the headboard comes in the following colours: White (1901), Beige (003), Bronze (005), Anthracite (016) and Copper (009).

The leather upholstered headboard is available in white, black, dark brown and beige, or client’s leather.


The bed is available in two widths:
1630 mm x 2300 mm (length) x 753 mm (height) (suitable for mattresses 1600 x 2030 x 180 mm),
1830 mm x 2300 mm (length) x 753 mm (height) (suitable for mattresses 1800 x 2030 x 180 mm and recommended to ensure the mattress and the headboard are at the same level).

To ensure the mattress and headboard are at the same level, a 180 mm depth mattress is recommended; for technical reasons, customers may not use their own fabric.


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