Upgrade Your Kitchen with These Remodeling and Design Trends For 2019

We spend a lot of times in our kitchens, don’t we? Between cooking everyday meals, prepping for that Sunday roast and hosting family and friends on holidays and weekends. A significant part of our day is spent within the walls of our cooking space. This is why it is so important to keep our kitchens updated with fresh new ideas, while keeping it relavent and more importantly – functional. Finding the right kitchen design and remodeling ideas can be a daunting task. Kitchen trends, just like fashion, move quickly. To keep up, you need to be aware of the reigning trends every year.

So, before you go about building islands and refacing cabinets, check out these kitchen remodeling and design trends for 2019:

1. Black and matte

2018 was about the all-white look. However, 2019 brought with it an array of designs that made use of all things black and matte. Black cabinetry, black countertops and even black appliances are going to be all the rage this year. A matte finishing, especially on cabinets,

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can be further used to enhance the tone of the space.

2. Reclaimed wood

With the interior decoration industry clamoring to become more sustainable, you can expect to find a lot of kitchen remodeling and design ideas making use of reclaimed wood. Cabinets, shelves, and even decorative elements like frames make use of reclaimed wood,

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which can add a touch of vintage flair to your kitchen decor.

3. Metal accents

Brass was one of the most popular metals used in kitchen decor in 2018. This year has seen widespread use of other metals like copper, brass and pewter. You can opt for a single metal or break all rules and mix it up. However, be careful to do it evenly throughout the space.

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For instance, do not try to fit a copper faucet with a nickel filler.

4. Moody tones

If you simply sift through kitchen remodeling and design ideas on the Internet, you will find that a lot of trends are gravitating towards using moodier tones. People are starting to move away from the grey trend of last year towards dark navy and green palettes. These tones

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look even more stunning when paired with gold fixtures.

5. Tiled walls

Interior designers are adding a new twist to the humble tiled walls by extending the tile all the way up to the ceiling. Now you can have an entire wall of tile rather than just a part of it covered above the counter. It adds texture to the kitchen decor and helps elevate the look

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of the space.

If you are feeling perplexed by all these choices in kitchen remodeling ideas and designs and don’t know what to choose or where to begin, it is best to consult professionals that can help you make the right decision. At Hausscape, we provide you with the latest ideas and designs for kitchen remodeling so that you can give your kitchen a trendy new look this year.

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